Greeting from the Project Leader
   A structural unit consisting of various groups of elements is called an "element-block." The design and synthesis of new element-blocks, polymerization of these blocks, and development of methods of forming higher-order structures and achieving hierarchical interface control in order to yield the desired functions are expected to encourage the creation of new polymeric materials that share, at a high level, electronic, optical, and magnetic properties not achievable with conventional organic polymeric materials as well as forming properties of molding processability and flexible designability that inorganic materials lack. By pioneering innovative synthetic processes that exploit the reactivity of elements and the preparation techniques employed for inorganic element-blocks, we aim to create a new series of innovative polymers based on the novel concept of "element-block polymers," in which the characteristics of elements are extensively combined and utilized, and to formulate theories related to these polymers.
   This project will employ a bottom-up approach designed to promote new research and establish "polymeric materials based on element-blocks" as an innovative discipline. We hope to invigorate the future of Japan with novel functional materials developed by combining the various strengths of chemistry. We welcome the participation and supports of interested researchers in these efforts.

Project Leader CHUJO, Yoshiki